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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Story behind the sushi king

One day, the main character in this story crave to eat sushi king..and diA pon ajak lah kwn2 dia g mkn..actually she friend does not like to eat sushi king but because love is the main character just follow ja lah kan..haha..mmang agak best coz disayangi kwn2(maybe kot, klu tak syg pon tutup mata ja lah ek)...aku la main character dlm citer 2..actually, I have no story I told. I just want to update myblog and to say 10Q to my friends who are willing to melayan karenah aku yg want to eat sushi even diowg xmkn sngt..cian sangt kat kwn aku yg sorang 2 sampai sakit perut cerik sbb mkn sushi..mybe mknan 2 xsesuai ngan perut dia kot..pape pon sowy myfriend n 10Q sngat..luv u all. that it the story behind the sushi king..;)

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