Thursday, December 13, 2012

How Maybank2u has served me with its products and services

Hello!!!!You guess what? I am interested to join the contest organized by Mybank2u. warghhhh….why I’m so excited? Because I’m the one who always using Mybank 2u. Woah!!!..sound like 'action coman' right? Never mind, I admit it.

Hear words, Maybank always do contest for customer and blogger. It’s true?? Woah..kantoi! just now talk mybank2u loyal users but do not know anything. What happen cheery??

What happen if I try to transform this banner to my stone face? let's check it out.. 

whoa!! very cool...hehe

Okey, let me explain first, I always use Maybank2u to check account balance, bill payment and also make a funds transfer…that all and don’t have a time to ‘belek-belek’ and ‘wusya ads in Maybank website. Because….I is always be a running girl…haha..kelakar sangat lah tu!!
Off Course, the main function of mybank2u is facilitating and expediting a business.

See? Do not blame me hundred percent if I really don’t know about the contest.
(Statement tries to Defend myself)… STOP IT, no uses make a lot of busy body…let’s we continue to the Maybank2u story.

My expressions, want to win this contest are as like this…

 Feel so beautiful, you know?kihkih..

Believe or not, my first salary credits to Maybank? And my first online banking also Maybank. My first bank account BSN actually, that because I got a scholarship. So need to prepared BSN account. So, what I try to story here is I grow up with Maybank. My family members all use a Maybank. We can see that Maybank is a very famous banker. Right? 1 Thing that makes me attract with Maybank is a Tiger logo. Since I child, I feel that tiger is a very funny and unique. I always’ ask my mother,
 “ Mak, why you always went to tiger house, dangerous you know?” Maybe I think that logo mean a tiger zoo. Wakahkahkah…sound like silly child.

Through Maybank2u, we can do various transactions such as check current account, bill payment, funds transfer, mobile banking, manage our loan and insurance and so on.

I really love it using Maybank2u because all business just at the fingertips. No need to waste my time anymore. Since I’m working, my time is very limited. Don’t have a time and lazy to go to the bank if want to make a funds transfer and bill payment. Lazy? That it is a result(Habit) of the use of the services provided by Maybank to me... Hahaha..okey,just joking. So, to solve my problem, I decided to register Maybank2u.

As well as transfer of funds, I also use Maybank2u to buy and sell. I love shopping online. Most of Business online using maybank2u as a transaction medium. That point, I know why, because Maybank2u online banking is friendly, safe and the best product from Maybank.

Nowadays, the best transaction I do through Maybank2u is a funds transfer for ASB loan account. It’s very fun, okey? No need to go a bank and waste a time to queuing, just online to update or check status of loan. In future, I’m really wanted to reload prepaid for my mobile through an online banking. Maybe coming soon, wait and see…wink..wink..wink..;P

So, what I need to do to make the world belongs to me? Only one Laptop, Internet, and be a members of Maybank2u. Come follow me you all! To register Click here.

P/s: Wish me luck for this Maybank, love you all


  1. edy pon lpas bkak akaun terus buat..senang urusan

  2. gud luck cheery, jaa pun terasa nk join..entry dah ada kat draf, gmbar menarik jer belum ada..hihi.. ntah jadik ke x ler nk join agaknya..kikiki..

    1. thankz jaa..hah!pe lagi cepat submit.gud luck gak to jaa

  3. maybank2u memang bestler..segalanyer mudah..
    nak beli online paling best..
    good luck cheery yerk...

  4. Good luck!

    I baru jer bukak akaun ngan MayBank 6 bulan lepas sebab kerja ngan opis baru. Login pon belum pernah lagi. :-p

    1. TQ, login la.leh comfirm gaji dah masuk blum..

  5. Hi!!! salam kenal. i pon join contest ni. Huhu. All the best k! :))

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