Saturday, September 4, 2010

Diariku ramadhan ( 26 ramadhan: Searching for better future ) )

TODAY i'm to be sengal. don't what to do at my ofis. why? Because there is no work and the boss did not come OFIS. and left me a headache. what else could I do? I want to eat but i fast, so I fight with my own feelings. OMG! This boredom can kill me. ..
but to overcome boredom in the long term I do business taw. so i take the opportunity here mempromote I punya product. I am not a businesswomen for its own product. I just sell the other product. That products are perfumes, Pure Mediterranean Perfumes ..... so anyone interested can buy it and call me ok or "skodeng" this blog .... ht


  1. wah.. berniaga sekarang... harga state sekali la ct.. baru bleh usha lebih.. hikhikhik

  2. Hehe..cuba bakat buat bisnes. 90% sumber income 2 kan dtg dri bisnes..huhu. anis support lah bisnes ct ni,beli yer hikhik.


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