Friday, October 8, 2010

Hate in my translation book

Try to read carefully. it's unique word? My question is weird right??. but I think you all should know that hate on me does not mean I do not forgive or vindictive. I'll often use this word because .... I like ... kihkih. Three concept of "hate" on me...


1. I will use this word when something happens not in line with my nee
ds and desires. for example, "ah, He always like dis,what I do not correct in his eyes, benci lah aku!

2. I also, would like to say "hate" to someone who i ever luv. in fact I never hated him, I just hate myself for loving someone like him.

3. when I say I forgive and forget does not mean I do not hate k. hehe

Ok .. actually what I do and write is just to update my blog .. hehehe .. wink2;)
solidarity greetings to all ..

p/s: sorry 4 merepek-repek kat sini..(@_@)

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