Friday, January 27, 2012

Tell me something i don't know

I have a new hobby. Frankly, a hobby that others feel like not to doing. what hobbies? Secret lahhh..... hehe. Whether successful or not, just trust in God. what more to say?

Anyway, I do not want too obsessed with my new hobby. I'll be a disappointment t. I just love it to find and try something new. Not right to ever live in sorrow kan. Klu mcm 2,really pathetic la.

But I don't think I will be longer with this new hobby. Why?? because I someone who are quickly bored....Hahaaha...yer2x jer kan. The longest pun maybe for 2 or 3 month.

Orait,we forget about my new hobby. Today, I am very tired. Had three days in offices i not to do anything. My manager still in holiday mood. Without Her i'll be monkey. Melalak xkira masa. So, to my manager "plzzzz,come back before i to be a Orang hutan plak. Boring tahap cipan dah ni. Now,aku still boleh cool lg because Collin blanja masa tea time and talk me to kedaqah banyak2x....He say I not too fat, just nice so do not worry to eat more... and Normally bila dah dipuji sikit melambung tinggi la aku. Pantang dipuji...hahaha..huh!!!!Bosan dah mengadap computer ni...wasalammmm......................(^o^)

p/s: Maaf apa yg ditulis hari ini tidak ada kena mengena dengan tajuk diatas....

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